tiistai 28. maaliskuuta 2017

c. 1760 Jesuit

This was more of an update type of project than a new gown. I managed to find more of the same silk taffeta that I used for my robe à la Française in 2011 so I just made a hooded waistcoat and sleeve extensions to make it double as an 18th century Jesuit gown.

How it works:

I pinned the sleeve extensions on under sleeve ruffles.

The gown is pinned in to the waistcoat under the robings like it would be in to a stomacher.


Back of the waistcoat is plain linen, back seam is flat felled.

Visible part of back is covered with silk, this is the underside.

Fronts and hood are two layers of silk, cream and white, cream silk facing.

Shoulder seam

Bust dart

Sleeve extensions

sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017

1880's formal / court presentation gown

In 2015 I had less than a week to make a gown for the Saturday night gala, so it had to be something simple, fast and straight forward. I decided to make a Victorian court presentation gown after one of Worth's gowns. Truly Victorian had just come up with a perfect skirt pattern that I was happy to use to save time on guess work. I only lengthened the train a little. The bodice pattern is my own.

It's made of duchess silk satin. The skirt and train are faced and the bodice lined with glazed cotton. The trim is silk tulle that was originally soft but was starched stiff, pleated and sequinned. It's worn over a lobster style bustle and two petticoats.

I found Kat's research for presentation accessories very helpful.

The inspiration